Colectivo Aqua Alta

Colectivo Aqua Alta (Founding Member)

The Aqua Alta Collective is a non-profit civil association formed by more than fifty professionals (mostly architects) and students from different institutions. The group was established for the construction of the first Paraguayan Pavilion in the Venice Biennale in 2014 and has been active ever since.  The group’s objective is to promote sustainable development from a practical perspective by acting on public, social and cultural projects related to the environment at large.  It considers the leading role that communities exert in their own transformation and problem resolutions while imagining our territory from a new perspective. 

The organization acts in the intersection of urban and rural context, proposing projects and concrete solutions with a clear experimental approach, advocating for applied research as a mechanism for development. It is connected to a growing network of similar-minded organizations in the region, consolidating a type of collective practice that can be transformative in each project. It is within a framework of action, from educational activities to collaborative construction, that the group extends our architectural, design and planning knowledge beyond academia.