Escuela de Música Cateura

Escuela de Música Cateura (Jury Member)

From small projects to big scale ones, each event is a step forward into the type of city we want to build. The form of the city, and within it the prevalent type of architecture of a city is defined not only by practicing architecture but also—and in a significant way—by engaging in other aspects of the profession. Judging from experience, one can conclude that the role of jury member is just as crucial as being on the opposite side, when the criteria for what should be done is decided by consensus, the choice is a reflection of the committees’ values, and those values will in time shape the city.

The current dramatic circumstances of Cateura are explained in the moving a documentary “Landfill Harmonics”. This competition, organized by the OCA Office, tries to solve a pressing social need through architecture, called “School of Music and Life”. The challenge is to build a new space for the school. The winning project is aimed to contemplate key factors related to clear quality and dignity, skillfully dealing with the tides of the river nearby and functioning as a social center for the surrounding community.