From the official description of the program:

“ADU_2020 is a structural project financed by the European Community through Europe Aid and is part of the Alfa framework. Alfa is a program of co-operation between Higher Education Institutions (HEI) of the European Union (EU) and Latin America (LA). Its objective is to promote higher education in Latin America as a means to contribute to the economic and social development of the region. As a structural project, the aim of ADU_2020 is to discuss and design structural mechanisms to promote the modernization, reformation and harmonization of the higher education systems, aiming specifically to the expanded field of architecture, design and urbanism.

The project includes 18 partners: 13 from LA and 5 from EU. The Pilot Projects consists on design studios courses which are carried out simultaneously in different countries. Three Pilot Project are taking place during 2013, each of them focusing on a particular theme. The objective is to highlight the local differences in the way of dealing with a problematic and to share diverse methodologies. Cross country feedback is specially promoted.”

Areas of Interest:Metropolitan Studies, Urban Sprawl, Urban and Environmental Planning, Pedagogy
Institutions:FADA-UNA – Taller/E – KU Leuven – Alfa Framework European Union.
Location:AsunciĆ³n, Paraguay
Research Team:J. Diarte, R. Resck, 9th and 10th Semester Students
Role:Coordinator, Professor