Ciudad + Agua


This research seeks to analyze environmental issues in the metropolitan area of Asunción, starting with a central element such as water, to test the reach of an interdisciplinary approach to the subject. Guided by the perspective of what is useful for Urban Design and Planning, it deals with the different components related to water resources and how they interact in the urban ecosystem. 

Funded by the Pro-Ciencia program of the CONACYT (National Council for Science and Technology of Paraguay), the specific goal is to create an introductory material for undergraduate students that can also serve as a guide towards basic technical consensus, for it is written in easy-to-all language. A key component of the communication strategy is the creation of infographics and mappings made locally, exploring visualization as a scientific tool. This project also served as scientific research practice to young architects in the expanded field of the discipline (Architecture-Design-Urban Planning).

The topic was set as one of the research lines of the Center for Research, Development and Innovation (CIDi) at the School of Architecture, Design, and Arts of the Universidad Nacional de Asunción (FADA-UNA). The preliminary results are available at the Ciudad+Agua website. The book is in its final revision before publication by the FADA University Press. 

Areas of Interest:Urban Ecology, Applied Systems Theory, Metropolitan Studies, Urban Water Resources, Environmental Planning, Scientific Literacy
Institutions:CIDI – FADA -UNA – CONACYT
Location:Asunción, Paraguay
Year:2016 – 2018
Research Team:R. Resck, M. Peroni, P. Gill
Role:Coordination, Author, Graphic Strategy, Mapping