Concurso Internacional de Diseño Urbano para Bañado Norte

Concurso Internacional de Diseño Urbano
Bañado Norte (Jury Member)

This international competition was stablished in 2018 by the National Secretariat of Housing and Habitat (SENAVITAT) in cooperation with the CAF (Development Bank of Latin America), which presented the “International Urban Design Contest for the Bañado Norte” in the framework of the Master Plan of the North Coastal Strip – with the support of the Ministry of Public Works and Communications (MOPC) and the Municipality of Asunción (MCA). The initiative was managed by the Paraguayan Association of Architects (APAR).

The contest consisted in a proposal for a preliminary urban design project, located in an area of 514 hectares. It had to consider the interconnection of the city with the river, focusing on its identity and potential as strengths, providing it with both physical and visual accessibility and permeability. It was expected to be sensible to the environmental conditions, especially in flooding areas that also involve a vulnerable socio-economical population. 

The winning projects are shown as an example of how some of the key decisions related to the urban future are made in instances of professional participation such as this. As jury member, I was in charge of sustaining and explaining the criteria of the selection. Having the trust of peers as a to be transparent in the decisions that are often not unanimous.