Laboratorios Catedral

Laboratorios Catedral – SHSA

The project for the new industrial facilities for Laboratorios Catedral (a pharmaceutical laboratory) was a bold investment made by the Paraguayan pharmaceutical company to have a factory of international quality to export products at a global level. Following the standards of the FDA and European rules related to chemical production, this project was the result of an extended process with many phases in which each line of production was carefully upgraded. The construction site was set up on 37,000 sqm in a strategic location with access to international highways. Being a multi-format and multi-product plant, it can produce more than 300 products in different dosage forms.

The production sectors are divided based on delivery formats: Parenteral Injections manufacturing sector (900 sqm), Liquids and Semi-Solids formulations (5,300 sqm), Oral Solids (1,520 sqm), Solid Antibiotics (912 sqm), Analytical – Galenic Development (620 sqm ) and Storage, Administration and Supporting Sectors (20,700 sqm).

Involved in the project from the beginning, my participation evolved with the project itself: starting with architectural details of buildings and services, and moving on to builder in charge of cleanroom construction (120 workers); production layout revision with international contractors; coordination and supervision of concrete and metallic structures, piping for HVAC, process for gas and vapor, fire protection, pharmaceutical and general water; budgeting and cash-flow control of contracts and schedule.

Client: Laboratorios Catedral – Scavone Hnos. S.A.
Area:37,000 sqm.
Location:Asunción, Paraguay
Year: 2011 – 2019
Project Team:L.A. Boh, U. Scavone, J. Resck, C. Hansen, G. Preda, G. Aguilera, L. Aguayo, E. Bareiro, R. Benitez, D. Ramirez, R. Yegros, F. Aguilera, R. Resck
Role:Architect and Project Manager (2014 – 2019)
Assistant Architect
(2011 – 2013)